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Sdk Enclosures

single 12 prefab enclosures

single 12 prefab enclosures

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patriot liner
2 post all aluminum terminal plate

STD single 12in prefab raw or lined with patriot liner


Airspace: 1.7 cubic feet

Tuning frequency: 32hz   

Port area: 27 square inches 

mounting hole diameter: 11.25 inches 

flush mount hole diameter: 13 inches 

dimensions: 24 inches wide / 18 inches deep / 15 inches tall 

Estimated bandwidth: 24hz to 80hz

Filter suggestion: hpf/subsonic 22.5hz    lpf 65hz/100hz

enclosure comes without a terminal unless you add one to the cart 

all Std(Standard)models are dado inset made with 3/4 elite grade mdf double baffle flush mount front with all needed bracing and can handle up to a sundown u series for strength reference 

Our production lead time is fluid. When sales volume increases due to promotions, bulk orders, or holidays, these changes will affect the lead time. The estimated lead time is NOT a guaranteed delivery date, it is only an estimate. We do our best to manufacture our products quickly without sacrificing quality. Current lead time is approximately four to six weeks depending on sales volume. When sales volume is extremely high, lead time may surpass six weeks.

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